Quick win 9. Error User does not have access to Salesforce objects or reports and unable to import file in Email Studio SOLVED

If you ever stuck in the situation where you are trying to import data from Sales / Service Cloud to Marketing Data extension and face this error.

Here is what you need to do to fix this.

  1. For any user in marketing cloud to be access Salesforce CRM reports & Objects, First you need to ensure is your SFMC user has a corresponding user in Sales/ Service Cloud. IF NOT , create one and then next come back to marketing cloud under your SFMC user settings → Salesforce.com status shows integrated (meaning you need to do a handskake with your related user on the CRM)

2. Next., Once you do that and try importing data into Data extension (Email →Interactions → Import → Create) AND still NOT able to search / look for reports. wondering…?

Please check your Salesforce Integration under SFMC Setup , Follow this and once it opens up, check to ensure ‘Scope By User’ checkbox is NOT selected. If it is deselect and Save again. and go back to your import defination and you will be now be able to search for Salesforce Reports. !! :)

What the scope thing does is :

If you do not opt-in to ‘Scope By User,’ the system will default to ‘Non-Scope By User.’ With this configuration, all reports and campaigns that are visible to the Tracking User will be available for selection as a target audience.

Note: that this may return more subscribers that the user initiating the send normally has access to; what this user sees when they run the report may be different than the report that is used to create the target Subscriber Audience.

Thanks — Mohit

Salesforce Program Architect at Salesforce