Quick win 5. Saleforce Service Cloud Email services and My email to Salesforce features

Lets see them both -

  1. Email Services (what, why and relevance)
  2. My email to Salesforce.

Email Services — is a feautre that let’s you handle & define automated processes as soon as the email hits your salesforce instance.(salesforce Org.) It uses Apex classes to process the contents, headers of the email, and attachments of inbound email.

For example, We can create an email service that automatically creates contact/ case (any Object) records based on contact information in messages. OR create / log a task (activity record) as soon as the external system processes something and you wanted to record that as an activity under Salesforce.

e.g: 3rd party services snding an email w/wo attachments to transfer the data and you can log this in Salesforce using Email services. Also another area is at times, if you have a SFMC instanc (SF marketing cloud), you can do a “bcc” from your journey builder to log intercation as activity record under SFDC CRM.

P.S: Each email service has 1 or more email service addresses that can receive messages for processing.

Steps to execute:

  1. Go to Setup → Email services →New email service

2. Use the code from below to log a task as soon as the email hits email service.

3. Last is to create some dummy or busines given email addresses under email addresses related list

Next, My email to Salesforce →lets you enter the Email to Salesforce address in the BCC line of emails that you want to add to the activity history of related records.

To view this go to Settings, under your user icon (right side) → Email → My email to Salesforce

Salesforce generates this email address automatically. and when you bcc an email to tis email address it gets logged undr Salesforce using the criteria you define.

P.S: If you are unable to find this that means email to SF is not enabled , you need to do that prior by going as depicted below:

Where is this used → this is a nice addon used in the sales where sales advisors while on the transit can just do a Bcc to log email from customr inside Sf. They dont need to login to SF.

Also you have the possblity to define the acceptable and exclusion list as well for th email addresses.

thanks — Mohit

Salesforce Program Architect at Salesforce