Quick Win 11. View Case Hierarchy- Salesforce

Have you come across this common business ask to setup case hierarchy? if yes follow along →

2 quick options for you

  1. Setup case hierarchy using standard, ‘parent Case’ field and related cases related list to display all related cases on a parent level. Also you can use the Case hierarch button available in lightning UI to visually see the hierachy.

2. In case, the standard UI doesn’t fit well and you would see a need for customization, WAIT!! , prior jumping to development check this utility on appexchange, if it helps→ Any record Hierarchy by Salesforce labs: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3u00000MBe9WEAT

#less code, #save more ! ;) You can set hierachy on any object with just some configuration


Thanks — Mohit